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The secret to getting a Bum like Kim Kardashian


They used to be a lot of hype about Brazilian butt-lift jeans, now it’s all about the Colombian butt-lift jeans. Do these South American fashion must-haves really do as their names suggest?

Making a statement with your clothes was a thing of the past as fashion trends point us towards dressing up to feel good about ourselves. I call it the big butt era. It looks like it’s here to stay.

Colombian but-lift jeans are a modern re-invention of female fashion. These jeans are specially designed and stitching, with a method that adds some light pressure to just the right sections of your curves, to give it that round look every woman wants. With elastane (no they are not the same as jeggings) being the key material, colombian jeans are the lightest, stretchiest and softest in the denim world. That means super comfort!

Most designers claim to master the art of butt-enhancement through their perfect jeans. From experience, none do it like the Colombians and Brazilians do – They invented it!

Take a look at this post by Daily Mail


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