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Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works

All our products are sourced directly from the manufacturer and ensure we only stock products that meet ethical standards. Did you know you can also make a Custom Order Request?

Body Lotions & Creams - Hand Cream

Hand Cream

Body Lotions & Creams - Men’s Body Creams & Lotions

Men's Body Creams & Lotions

Body Lotions & Creams - Women’s Body Creams & Lotions

Women's Body Creams & Lotions

Body Scrub & Masks - Women’s Body Clay

Women's Body Clay

Body Scrub & Masks - Women’s Wash & Scrub

Women's Wash & Scrub

Hand Sanitisers

Hand Sanitisers

Hand Sanitisers - Pocketbac Holders

Pocketbac Holders

Hand Wash - Foaming Wash

Foaming Wash

Hand Wash - Liquid Wash

Liquid Wash

Home Fragrances - Candles


Home Fragrances - Car Freshners

Car Freshners

Home Fragrances - Holders


Home Fragrances - Room Perfumes

Room Perfumes

Lip Care - Lip Gloss & Balms

Lip Gloss & Balms

Lip Care - Lipsticks & Liners

Lipsticks & Liners

Make-up - Eye Shadow

Eye Shadow

Make-up - Wet n Wild Cosmetics

Wet n Wild Cosmetics

Perfumes & Fragrances - Men’s Body Sprays

Men's Body Sprays

Perfumes & Fragrances - Men’s Cologne & Perfumes

Men's Cologne & Perfumes

Perfumes & Fragrances - Women’s Perfume Oil

Women's Perfume Oil

Perfumes & Fragrances - Women’s Perfumes & Body Mists

Women's Perfumes & Body Mists

Shower Gels, Creams & Soaps

Shower Gels, Creams & Soaps

Shower Gels, Creams & Soaps - Men’s Bath & Shower

Men's Bath & Shower

Shower Gels, Creams & Soaps - Women’s Bath & Shower

Women's Bath & Shower

Shower Gels, Creams & Soaps - Women’s Bath Soap

Women's Bath Soap

Wait List

Wait List

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