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How to Buy Bath & Body Works in London

Bath and body works in london

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If you’ve used Bath & Body Works products before, you already know there is none like it. From the sweetest scents to the alpha masculine, bubbly freshness to relaxing subtle glows – Bath & Body Works are the world’s favourite. We discovered these must-haves while on a holiday in the states but unfortunately, Bath & Body Works do not ship to the UK.

Not to worry, we’ve got them in stock!

We stock the latest fragrances and replenish quarterly. From fragrance body mists, deodorising body sprays, body lotions to shower gels and even heavenly scented mini candles. We’ve got them all – scroll down to see.


WHERE TO BUY is one of the first UK stores to stock these product and proudly the most affordable. We used to sell on the Mannix Knight web-store. Now we have our own store and are dedicated to bringing you the best of bath & body from around the globe.

With our trusted group of buyers based in the US, you’re assured we’ve got you covered. You are sure to find your favourite in our massive collection of body products at affordable prices of course. If there’s any fragrance you want and we currently don’t have in stock, you can order it here.

Share the good news with your friends and check back for regular sales. Your favourite Bath & Body Works now in stock.



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  1. Kerry Devlin 24/03/2024 Reply

    Where is your shop in London?

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