Bath & Body Works VS The Body Shop

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Bath & Body Works VS The Body Shop

The Quest for Europe

Bath & Body Works VS The Body Shop – Where do I start?

I mean, this definitely is a difficult one. It’s like comparing Yoghurt to Smoothie or a whole Mango to a bowl of CrushedMangoes really.

I mean, while these are all different, they are the same of similar ingredients in most cases. The difference mostly lies in the concentration of fragrance and source of ingredients, let’s say… organic and inorganic, fair trade or exploited, smells nice or no… they all friggin do. But wait, which is better and why?

In the UK, The Body Shop is Queen and has been for a very long time. They have got a track record of fair-trade and environmental consideration when it comes to where their ingredients are sourced from. Their products are all natural and that does come with a slightly hefty price tag. TBS was founded 26 March 1976, in Brighton, England. A very long time ago.


Bath & body works vs the body shop

Whereas, Bath & Body Works also have their perks. They were established 3 August 1990 in New Albany, Ohio, also been around for quite some time. With tons and tons of fragrances in comparison to TBS, BBW was actually looking up to TBS in the early days and once had a fierce legal battle with each other (TBS won). Out of these variety, over 90% of them are heavenly perfect. Although they are luxury, they are affordable and anyone should be able to grab their favourites.

In regards to availability and coverage, The Body Shop wins over Bath & Body Works. They are all over the world… almost. They currently dominate Europe and BBW is playing catch-up in this part of the world.

I cannot flaw either brands and settle for a stalemate. They both have their strength in many areas and where one lacks, the other fills.

Conclusion: Try them both to find the one that suits you best. You really cannot go wrong.




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