Where to get Bath & Body Works in the UK

Where to get Bath & Body Works in the UK

Get bath & body works in the uk



If you’ve used Bath & Body Works products before, you already know how amazing they are. Bath & Body Works are one of the world’s favourite. From the sweetest scents to the alpha masculine, bubbly freshness to relaxing subtle glows. We discovered these must-haves while on a holiday in the states but unfortunately, Bath & Body Works do not ship to the UK. So, where can I get Bath & Body Works in the UK? Continue reading.

Not to worry, they are now available in the UK! We sell the latest fragrances and replenish quarterly. From fragrance body mists, deodorising body sprays, body lotions to shower gels, scentportables, pocketbacs and even sweet scented mini candles.

Where to get them: BourbonApples.co.uk is one of the first UK stores to sell these product and proudly the most affordable. We used to sell on the Mannix Knight web-store. Now we have our own store and are dedicated to bringing you the best of bath & body from around the globe.

With our trusted group of buyers based in the US, you’re assured we’ve got you covered. You are sure to find your favourite in our massive collection of body products at affordable prices of course. If there’s any fragrance you want and we currently don’t have, feel free to contact us and we will endeavour to get them in swiftly.

Need a specific Bath & Body Works item? – Make your request using our Custom Order Requests (COR) form.

Share the good news with your friends and check back for regular sales. Your favourite Bath & Body Works now always available.


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Post updated March 2022


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Where to get bath & body works in the uk



  • Been looking for B&BW for months and don't fancy ebay shopping. Found you guys and I'm impressed with your service & delivery speed. Will be back soon.Thanks.
    Rachel T
  • This is one of my favourite scents. Its a clean, soft, slightly powdery floral with woody nuances. A very comforting and non offensive scent that is great for everyday wear.
    Jeni - Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Lotion
  • This is my favorite body mist. Thanks to Bourbon Apples to have delivered this product in a very good condition. Bath and Body works rock , sad that we don't have official store in the UK but all thanks to you guys for having made it available here.

    Bhagirathi Bellubbi - Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Fragran
  • I love the lip liner, I use it more as a lipstick as it gives a great colour. I would use a lip balm underneath as otherwise it's quite dry and matte but if u like matte then it works for both. Great buy and Soooo Happy with it!
    Grace Wilbrink - Wet n Wild Color Icon Lipliner - Chestnut #711
  • Quick delivery, and awesome service. Thank you ! Will be buying from you again.
    Hannah A. - Bath & Body Works Dark Amber Body Spray for Men
  • Nice scent. Really like the texture, will buy again soon.
    Claire - Bath & Body Works French Lavender & Honey Body Lotion


  1. Chanday 10/01/2024 Reply

    Hello do you sell Bath Body Works WILD MADAGASCAR VANILLA Bath set

    • Author
      BA Admin 11/01/2024

      Hello Chanday, thank you for reaching out. We sell Wild Madagascar Vanilla by Bath & Body Works but we don’t do them as a set. We however offer numerous discounts that could match the price of a set if this interests you.

  2. Jameela Suleman 02/07/2022 Reply

    Hi. I’m looking for fiji pineapple body mist

    • Author
      BA Admin 03/07/2022

      Hello Jameela,

      many thanks for contacting us. Unfortunately, Bath & Body Works Fiji Pineapple Palm is out of stock at the moment.

      Would you like to be notified when they’re back in? If yes, please sign up for our newsletters and you will get an email prompt as soon as it is back in.

      Kind regards,

  3. Tyra 14/06/2021 Reply

    how much shipping to malaysia?

  4. Bingbing 10/10/2020 Reply

    Will I get charged customs?

    • BA Admin 10/10/2020

      Hello, many thanks for getting in touch. We can guarantee that you will not get charged Customs, VAT or Duty. That’s all on the house and we will take care of it. I assume this is about COR & BOR requests.

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